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Flat Iron FAQ's and Buying Guide.
Everyone asks me "Which flat iron is the best?" and I always answer, "What is your hair type?" before I answer with a specific flat iron. Unless you've tried it firsthand, chances are the iron you are thinking of buying might not be the best one for your hair. Let's narrow down the choices with a few key questions".

What size should I choose for my hair?
It depends on your hair texture and hair length. Use the following table as a reference.


Hair Length

Recommended Plate Size

Very coarse, thick, curly

Long (below shoulder)

1.5 to 3 inch

Very coarse, thick, curly


1.5 to 2 inch

Very coarse, thick, curly


1.25 inch



1.25 to 2 inch



1 to 1.5 inch



1 or 1.25 inch

Fine, thin hair

Any length

1 to 1.5 inch

If you have natural straight hair and you just want to smooth or de-frizz, choose small ones (1 to 1.5 inch). Small sizes are also recommended for hair that's already chemically straightened (by Japanese hair straightening, for example).
Small sizes are lighter, easier to use and more versatile while bigger ones work faster and save time with long coarse hair, but they are not as user-friendly and generally on the heavy side.
Most popular sizes are 1-1/4" and 1-1/2 inch.

What temperature should I use for my hair?
Different hair texture requires different temperature. At Folica Product Testing Lab, we did a thorough test with various hair texture. Our findings are tabulated as follows:


Recommended Temperature

Normal Hair

360-380 oF (180oC - 190oC Celsius)

Very coarse, thick, curly or ethnic hair

380-410 oF (190oC - 210oC Celsius)

Bleached, fragile, damaged or fine hair

Below 360oF (180oC Celsius)

It is very important to buy a flat iron with adjustable temperature.

How can I reduce the hair damage from flat iron?
First of all, it is extremely important that you set the right temperature for your hair (see 4). Try a few settings starting from low to high until you find a setting that straighten your hair fast and well enough while not burning your hair.
Use flat iron heat protection spray before each styling section.

What can I do to make my iron last longer?
Unplug it right after use.
Do not wrap power cords around the iron.
Clean the plate with a styling iron cleaner after each styling session.
Unplug it right after use (worth repeating).

Does it come with a warranty?
The warranty is another biggie to think about. Some manufacturers will only honor a warranty if you buy the flat iron in a salon. I would consider that a fine idea if the salon in my area carried every flat iron. Truth is, they don't. But I have noticed the irons they do carry are way more expensive than online. What gives?
If you are buying a flat iron in a store or online, look for a flat iron that has a 1 year warranty or longer - . We've all heard the rumors about a certain flat iron that breaks after only a few months. Honestly, it does. You might want to think about it. 'Nuff said.
If you use a flat iron every day you want it to last. Make sure you select a flat iron guaranteed to survive your daily styling habits. If you use a flat iron sporadically, go for a less expensive Ceramic iron without all the technological bells and whistles.
I hope you take the time to ask yourself these simple questions, the flat iron of your dreams is waiting for you!

Do I need to attend a course prior to using CHI Transformation System?
A: For CHI Transformation System, we highly recommend attending a class prior to using the system. This hands-on-seminar directed by a certified CHI Transformation System Educator will give you a strong foundation to successfully conduct the service.

How long do the results last?
  The results with CHI Transformation System are permanent.

Can I use CHI Transformation System on hair that has been previouslyrelaxed with sodium/calcium hydroxyl?
  No. Both of these systems have a thio-base and therefore are not suitable for hair that has been previously relaxed with sodium/calcium hydroxyl.

How long do I need to wait when coloring the hair after CHI Transformation System?
Always strand test prior. Hair can be colored/highlighted immediately after CHI Transformation System service only with Farouk Systems Ammonia Free Colors and Lighteners using 5 and 10 volume developers. In some cases, 20 volume can be used after successful strand test.

 How long do I need to wait before I can do a re-touch of the CHI Transformation System?
A: Between 2 to 6 months depending on the rate of natural growth. Minimum of 2 inches re-growth is necessary to perform re-touches.

How soon can I shampoo the hair?
A: Shampoo can be done immediately after with CHI Home Care Products.

 Can I use a blow dryer and round brush or curling iron to style the hair after the CHI Transformation System Service?
A: Yes. Hair can be styled immediately as desired with Farouk Systems ceramic tools and accessories.

How important are home care products after the CHI Transformation System?
A: For guaranteed results, we always recommend CHI products. All the CHI shampoos and treatments have the Cationic Hydration Interlink System to ensure ultimate softness. All of our products and accessories are developed and formulated together to work in conjunction with CHI Transformation System.

Does this website offer a return and refund? How long does it take to process?
This website offers all-round after-sale service including return and refund. It often takes about 15 business days to proceed.

How do I report a damaged or defective product?
You could either email us or contact us on line upon receipt of the damaged or defective goods within 7 days you received your item and we will deal with it accordingly with 30 days.

Can my credit be applied to a different credit card other than that was used the time of purchase?
We regret that we do not offer this service so that you could just use the original credit to issue refund.

Are shipping fees charged by you or customers?
Please note that this website offers shipping fees when we send the items you purchased from us, but for returning or replacing goods that you are not satisfied, shipping fees are charged by you.

If I get a problem with the products, what can I know?
We have live customer-service through 24 hours, you can either contact us for your problem directly or email us, our customer service department are checking emails every day.

Should we pay the tax and duty?
We always send you all the orders as a gift/sample so that customers are not required to pay any tax and duty. But if for some reason, we will pay the tax and duty in advance.It means no tax not duty for our customers.

Will I get a confirmation if I order successfully ?
Definitely customers will get a confirmation stating all the order details including shipment, etc within 8-24hours.

How can I track my order?
Once the order is processed and delivered, we will offer customers the tracking number as well as tracking site. If there is any other problems for the customers to track online, customers can contact us for help. We guarantee all the delivery in time.

What if the straighteners are broken ?
Within 7 working days, we offer a replacement for the broken irons with shipping fee paid by us. All the irons have life-time warranty.

What if a broken iron are not bought from you? Will you help to repair?
We would always like to help all the customers who use Chi Flat Iron so that we would always try our best to help them if they need.



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